About Us
More than a company

About us

Our history

Maresmar is a company founded over 35 years ago dedicated to the marketing of seafood in its different varieties;

  • Fresh fish
  • Frozen fish
  • Fresh seafood
  • Live seafood
  • Frozen seafood
  • Processed products

About us

Our Partners

Since January 2021, Maresmar has been part of a group of companies including Laumar and Roqueta. With this step, it has been able to consolidate into one of the largest conglomerates in Southern Europe dedicated to the marketing of seafood products and one of the few that can provide an integral service having the ability to deliver all types of products in a single shipment.

Service & Quality

Our Product

Agreements with the main origins of the world allow us to have quality products at competitive prices. In addition, our quality and logistics department teams ensure that the product reaches our customers in the best conditions and traceability.

Values & Pillars

Our Commitment


Maresmar has a firm commitment to the customer based on three fundamental pillars; people, service, and quality.

All of this under the umbrella of our clearly defined values that we try to apply in our day-to-day with coherence and enthusiasm in all the decisions we must make;

  • Honesty with all the interest groups we interact with (company workers, suppliers, customers, civil society, etc.)
  • Positive impact as a consequence of the decisions we make.
  • Cooperative community trying to be constructive and contribute to all those with whom we interact.
  • Beginner’s spirit that makes us constantly work questioning things with the aim of always improving from humility.
  • Self-demand to be able to extract the best from our talent and organization for the benefit of the customer, the supplier, the people on our teams, and society in general.


Career Plans

We have the best talent. More than 100 experienced professionals committed to the organisation


Environmental involvement

Our commitment and our vocation to have a positive impact on our environment also means that as a company and as a group we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, developing and working on sustainable materials and packaging (link to the news item on Saica’s caixa) and working to improve the conditions of our employees in terms of equality, the wage gap, work-life balance and other aspects that should help us to make this impact as a company a tangible reality.