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Lobster of exceptional quality, whose unique characteristics are achieved through extreme care of the product during all its development phases.

These attentions give the “quality” lobster a unique texture and flavor, extra hardness in its shell, and a high volume of meat. This lobster is designed to ensure a stable supply of high-quality product throughout the year.


Born from the enthusiasm and the constant need for improvement in the control of product quality from the origin, the Calidade purifying plant was born!

A clear reference in the sector of production and marketing of top-quality Galician seafood, purchased at Galician auctions or directly from the fishermen themselves. This way, the best product and the best origin without intermediaries are guaranteed.


There is only one Musklu. If the mussels from the Ebro Delta are already among the most valued in the world, imagine now a selection to choose the best of the best.

That is Musklu.

Mar EsMar

Mar Esmar is our latest and most ambitious project with which we have achieved great acceptance in the large retail spaces of Spain.

How do we bring the best-selected product from the sea to the homes of our end customers? With very attractive, educational, and hygienic packaging, as well as sustainable (recyclable wood base), we have given a differential value to seafood products.

Never seen before.



From our Quality Department we control both the internal processes and those of our partners and associates, with the aim of guaranteeing maximum quality.