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About the Gourmets Salt: throughout the history of gastronomy, it has had glorious stages marking the fate of the kitchens since it discovered its ability to prolong the life of meat and fish since the beginning of the modern era It was the main method of food preservation.

In the current kitchen is a very appreciated ingredient among the great chefs, who use a certain type of salt or another depending on the particular dish they prepared. In the market, there are many varieties of salt to which it gives its name, its shape, its color or its place of origin. Among the best known is Maldon salt, of scattered glass, from salts in the county of Essex (England), with great natural purity and intense flavor. Also worthy of salt is the origin of French Brittany, specifically Guérande Peninsula, slightly gray due to the clay particles it contains.

The rose salt bloom in the Himalayas is highly prized because it is a fossil, very pure, pinkish, thick grain and fine taste. The salt of the Peruvian Andes also has a characteristic pink color, its composition is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. More tone climb is Hawaii’s salt called Alaea Roja, the volcanic clay enriches this salt in iron oxide and gives it its differentiated color. On the other hand, the peculiar Black Salt of India has a terrous and slightly sulfurous flavor, contrary to what it announces its name, its color is grayish pink. Japanese salt called “ocean gem”, that of scales of South African salt, the black of Cyprus, the toast of Korea, the one of Iceland with low sodium chloride content, among many others, make up the diverse inventory of salts available to humanity for its feeding. In the same way the combination of salt with spices offers multiple possibilities that come together in the nuances of flavor that you want to obtain with each elaboration.

In short, as mentioned in the movie “A Touch of Cinnamon” by the director and screenwriter Tassos Boulmetis, “Talk to others about things they can’t see because we all like to enjoy the unknown. The same happens with food, it does not matter if salt is not seen, if the food is tasty and we can savor it! It can’t be seen, but the essence is in salt. “