From the merger of Maresmar and a Scottish company, “MacMar” has arisen, being our main commitment to get closer to the raw material of the highest quality.


Currently, the quality of food is expectation since as consumers we are giving more and more value to what we consume. So, at Maresmar we are aware of this fact, and that’s why our main objective is to offer raw materials of the highest quality in all our products.

Consequently, with the rise of online shopping and the changes experienced in the distribution channel in recent years, we have figured out the need to return to the origins. Therefore, in Maresmar we’ve decided to invest in ‘Amberlisa‘, a large ship built by Arklow Marine Servicesfor MacMar Ltd, which has a steel hull, a covered part of roof and aluminum wheelhouse and spaces for the required installations as toilet, shower, kitchen, …

The large dimensions of the ship allow it to be perfectly equipped, having a weekly capacity of 20 tons and focusing on the fishing of brown crabs and lobsters, mainly.

It’s scheduled to set sail this month of June 2019 in Scotland. Our goal with this new and exciting project is to reach the Asian market, sheltering countries in continuous development, and the processors of seafood products.