¿How Mobile World Congress affects to shellfish and fish sales?

Important events celebrated in the Spanish outlook are a great opportunity for gastronomic business since they help to sales pitch. Mobile World Congress (MWC) has started this Monday 25th of February 2019, which takes place is Barcelona and is known as the annual congress dedicated to the global technology of mobile phone communications.

Mobile World Congress, event that has the city of Barcelona as its headquarters since 2006, wants to encourage the international collaboration between different brands and its technologies, becoming the place where the major numbers of wireless and mobile communications are presented each year.

This year the congress expects to exceed the 107.000 from the previous year, among which technological companies will attend as different important personalities from national and international landscape. As a result, this will become a glamorous and luxurious event.

Events with the scale of Mobile World Congress end up implying an important income increase for sectors like tourism and gastronomy, providing incomes to the city and also, to all the country. Furthermore, because of the visitor’s profile who assists to Mobile World Congress, a big amount of luxury products is consumed during these days, products characterized by the elegance and innovation that the congress is involved into.

Maresmar is one of the companies that collaborates with the MWC due to the offer of luxury products that it has for the congress, such as the Canadian lobster or the crab. Thanks to this event, Maresmar products considered luxury increased their sales by 22% during February.

The Mobile World Congress visitor wants to consume luxurious products related with a high status. So, during the congress week, Maresmar sells an important number of big pieces, for example lobsters or crabs, which are qualified products and luxury shellfish.

The assistants of this congress are part from a luxury world with delicious and expensive food as they invest important money quantities during the period the congress is occurring. Maresmar has an important role in this sector as it offers the most demanded products during these days in the city of Barcelona.

Jordi Cubells, who is the actual Maresmar manager, explained during an RTVE interview about the Mobile World Congress that “MWC demands a big number of special pieces as lobsters; definitively, they want to consume any product which would represent luxury”. Through this statement, Jordi Cubells affirms that the visitor who assists to the MWC claims shellfish and fish types considered as high-quality products, the ones you would find in Maresmar.