In MARESMAR GROUP we have direct presence both in Denmark and in Scotland, exclusive origins for the fishing of the crab (cancer pagarus) and the crayfish (Nephrops Norvegicus). Due to our own fishing boats and to several fishing capture agreements all around the Area which is near to our processing Plants and near to our life tanks premises, MARESMAR GROUP is able to supply live and frozen product as well on worldwide basis.

From our facilities in Spain, MARESMAR GROUP has the capacity to export live and frozen product as well, with a larger variety of products, with the cooked red crab in particular (Chaceon Maritae). With a background of more than 30 years giving a special role to quality and offering a customized service to each customer, MARESMAR GROUP is ready and able to supply to every single part of the world, the finest shellfish and fish: live, frozen and even cooked, on board of our own boats.

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