The Norway lobster is one of the most appreciated seafood in Mediterranean gastronomy, but also one of the scarcest products in our domestic market. Currently, the demand for this crustacean far exceeds its supply, even though the sources from which it is obtained are many and diverse. However, this supply chain has proven to be weak and irregular on numerous occasions. This is the main reason that prompted us, after more than 30 years in the sector, to seek alternative ways for importing Norway lobster. This is not a new challenge for Maresmar, since many years ago we already decided to land in Scotland, through our subsidiary company Scot West, in order to dedicate ourselves to the production and exportation of Scottish langoustine. However, that bet failed to fully cover the 100% of the huge existing demand in our market segment.

This time the solution came from the chilly northern seas, where our experts could check out the high quality of the Swedish lobster, a crustacean characterized by its large size, high meat content and a flavorful, distinctive taste. However, our vision has gone much further, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the potential of all Scandinavian products. With this ambition was born Vikingmar, an enterprise that combines Spanish-Danish know-how in order to provide all southern Europe with the best products offered by Scandinavian waters. For this purpose, it has impressive facilities -over 700m² of dedicated spaces- in the town of Hirtshals (Northern Denmark), a major logistical and commercial node in the heart of the North Sea. Hirtshals’ plant is equipped with the latest technologies in cetareas with closed circuits, which allows us to store and process all kinds of fish and seafood while preserving most of their properties at the same time.

Nevertheless, the global trade mission of our new Danish subsidiary aims even higher, as the company has laid the foundations for a genuine logistics corridor that can grant the importation of Mediterranean seafood of the highest quality to the growing markets in Germany and the whole Scandinavia, thus turning Vikingmar in a key strategic hub whilst becoming, at the same time, a powerful engine for growth in this exchange of products and professional synergies between Spain and the Nordic countries.